Marine Surveyors and Consulting Engineers Van Pelt & Co B.V.

Marine Surveyors and Consulting Engineers Van Pelt & Co B.V. has been a watchword in inland shipping since 1942.
It’s a name that has always been closely associated with the inland shipping sector. It’s an office, in which people work, that are predominantly engaged in having contact with customers, which is an image that is also projected to the outside world. Surveyors that all have a background in inland shipping and so immediately understand what is intended as soon as you start to outline your requirements.
You can call upon our professional services, in particular, in the field of:
  • Damage survey
  • Valuations
  • Arbitration
  • Drawing work
  • Advice and construction management
In short, it is an office that can be approached for information thanks to its tremendous versatility for every conceivable problem and recommendation in relation to inland shipping. From damage of, for example, “a bent bollard pin” to advice and management of the most tiresome problems of a technical and nautical nature.

Our surveyors are highly specialized and have a great deal of experience.
They are constantly updated on current developments in the field of mechanical engineering, shipbuilding and insurance technique. By attending courses and specialist training, their level is maintained and, wherever possible, extended.

Our surveyors are Registered Surveyors (re) and are registered in the ’Verenigd Register van Taxateurs’ (VRT), or are training towards this.

We work for private individuals, insurance companies, financial institutions, government bodies, insurance brokers and stock market underwriters in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and courts, amongst others.
Thanks to the versatility of our office it could, for example, come about that you arrange for repairs for a claim and at the same time decide in the near future you have the midship and forward part of the ship replaced with a newly constructed midship and forward part of the ship, then you can also directly instruct Van Pelt & Co to draw up a survey report and ask for a complete drawing package in order to complete this new construction, together with the required strength- and stability calculations. When this new construction is then actually about to be built, either in The Netherlands or abroad, Van Pelt & Co will even provide the facility to fully manage the new construction from laying the keel, assembly right through to trials on water.

In summary, Van Pelt & Co will assess the damage, value the ship, complete strength and stability calculations, drawings and will even provide the construction management.

You could not ask for a more complete package!

For consideration:
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Engineering work
Do you know that, in addition to the routine survey work, we are also able to assist you in preparing, implementing and finishing your
(re-)construction work?
Propeller shafts
With renewal of the certificate after 01 January 2015, all the shaft ceilingducts of rudder stocks and of (propeller)shafts need to be conducted, so, that no water polluted lubricants can come out. This means that, also for existing ships, rudder stocks and propeller shafts should provide an outer seal. We advise you, when a rudder stock or propeller shaft must be disassembled for example (damage)repair, to use the opportunity to place an outer seal, including any modification of the rudder stock or propeller shaft.