Damage survey

When you suffer damage, you really want to be assisted professionally by a surveyor who understands his profession. If it is evident that this surveyor has a background in inland shipping this is an even bigger bonus. You need to explain less to the surveyor in question, because he already has a clear picture of the situation at the site of the accident.

You have a problem and it needs to be resolved as quickly as possible. Estimating damage is a matter for somebody that understand his trade. The surveyor is there for you and will endeavour to resolve the matter quickly and satisfactorily. In case of calamities where, for example, the ship is in danger of sinking, you need somebody who can come on board on behalf of the insurer who knows how to act. Somebody who knows which companies need to be approached in order to take the necessary measures as quickly as possible to keep the ship afloat and to guard against more extensive damage, or perhaps even a total loss. When the greatest hour of need is then behind you, it is great to know that the surveyor then also knows how to deploy the right repair method using the various repair companies.

Particularly during more recent years Van Pelt & Co has made an impression with the tender lists that it has drawn up. Lists that are viewed by the shipyards as very thorough and professional and which have led to the opinion that as a result the well known proverb “comparing apples with pairs” is something that has been consigned to the stuff of fairy tales. Shipyards can only submit an identical quotation that, partly thanks to the clear and intuitive tender list, can be compared with one another perfectly.

If you have engine damage, that is in any case already a nuisance and often occurs at the wrong time, then it is great that the surveyor understands his trade and is able to put his finger right on the offending article. What is the cause and how can we prevent it from happening again? This is important, because laying up in port is the kiss of death for the inland shipping company.

If you have stopped too late in the lock-chamber and, in spite of giving your full attention, you have still hit the lock gate, then it is reassuring that the surveyor knows what to do in the case of similar types of damage; damage that can usually quite quickly “become quite a drain” in terms of money. It is then great to know that the matter is being handled professionally and that the relationship with the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management, the Province or Local council and Van Pelt & Co is a good one, which means that no unnecessary discussions take place about the level of the value of the claim.

If your “house” had burned down and you and certainly your dear lady wife are at a loss, then in spite of everything it is still nice to know that the surveyor from Van Pelt & Co knows the ropes and can act accordingly.

Thanks to technological developments over the last few years in inland shipping and changes within the insurance world, the assessment of damage is also subject to change. Our surveyors are constantly made aware of these developments and are therefore able to carry out thorough surveys. We have engaged specialists with a knowledge of engines, but also of marine engineering structures. Using advanced technologies, it is important to keep abreast of developments in every branch of the “game”.
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Engineering work
Do you know that, in addition to the routine survey work, we are also able to assist you in preparing, implementing and finishing your
(re-)construction work?
Propeller shafts
With renewal of the certificate after 01 January 2015, all the shaft ceilingducts of rudder stocks and of (propeller)shafts need to be conducted, so, that no water polluted lubricants can come out. This means that, also for existing ships, rudder stocks and propeller shafts should provide an outer seal. We advise you, when a rudder stock or propeller shaft must be disassembled for example (damage)repair, to use the opportunity to place an outer seal, including any modification of the rudder stock or propeller shaft.