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Shipping surveyors for inland shipping
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Judicial Experts
Marine Surveyors and Consulting Engineers Van Pelt & Co B.V. have surveyors who are registered in the Rural Register of Judicial Experts in the section Shipbuilding and Shiptechnology.
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Engineering work
Do you know that, in addition to the routine survey work, we are also able to assist you in preparing, implementing and finishing your
(re-)construction work?
Propeller shafts
With renewal of the certificate after 01 January 2015, all the shaft ceilingducts of rudder stocks and of (propeller)shafts need to be conducted, so, that no water polluted lubricants can come out. This means that, also for existing ships, rudder stocks and propeller shafts should provide an outer seal. We advise you, when a rudder stock or propeller shaft must be disassembled for example (damage)repair, to use the opportunity to place an outer seal, including any modification of the rudder stock or propeller shaft.